John Gibson Daffodils


Fully illustrated garden talks by

John Gibson

" John Gibson travels widely giving talks to hortcultural societies. He is a Royal Horticultural Society and Daffodil Society Judge and speaker. A member of the RHS bulb committee, John has been growing and hybridising daffodils for over thirty years and runs a mail order business selling specialist daffodil bulbs, hyacinths, and tulips "

A compilation of several visits to the Island showing the amazing variety of plants, flowers and scenery of the different areas and microclimates


A programme covering the different types of wild specie daffodls, hybridising and growing daffodils for exhibition

Growing and Showing Daffodils

Madeira Garden of the Atlantic

Chelsea Highlights

A selection of some of my favourite gardens and plant displays covering several years, with an insight into the preparation of a display for this world renowned show

Tulip Time

How cut flower tulips are produced, coverage of the various types of tulips, with visits to the Keukenhof Gardens, Dutch  bulb fields and English florist tulip show.

Plant Portraits

A programme starting in deepest Winter showing a variety of plants and flowers, travelling through the seasons of the year.


Making the most of your Bulbs


During September and October a programme covering Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths, discussing the bulbs and their planting requirements and growing conditions, with a selection of specalist bulbs for sale.