John Gibson Daffodils


RHS Daffodil,Snowdrop and Tulip Yearbook 2016

Included in this the annual publication for people interested in daffodils,snowdrops and tulips are recommendations for good garden plants after trials held at Springfield Gardens, Spalding; show reports from the UK, the USA and the antipodes,  awards to people and one to a plant, up-to-the-minute notes, and  book reviews

   Features this year include Caroline Thomson on The Backhouse collection of daffodils; Moroccan Diaries a search for wild daffodils in Africa; and Fifty years of daffodil breeding, a look at the amazing contibution that Brian Duncan has made in this field.

  Matt Bishop reviews the year's UK snowdrop season, Alan Street offers advice on starting a snowdrop collection whilst Dimitri Zubov explores Galanthus nivalis in Catalonia

John Page reviews tulip festivals in Yorkshire; There is an absorbing article on Tulip conservation in Israel; and a review of the notoriously difficult classification of wild and naturalised tulips.

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